1. Chinese Online School of Theology (COST)

  • COST derives from the correspondence courses of NYTEC. We adopt the motto “Entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others” from 2 Timothy 2:2. We also train Christians to believe in “faithfulness can teach others.”
  • COST carries out four different formats of learning:
    • On-site learning
    • Online learning
    • Multimedia interaction
    • Correspondence courses
  • COST also offers various Bachelors’, Master’s and Ph.D. degree programs.

2. Ministry of Heart to China

  • NYTEC has visited many churches, seminaries and training centers in China since 1996. In recent years, our professors and pastors have gradually started giving seminars and conferences in churches and seminaries. NYTEC also trains the faculties, pastors, and volunteers of theological organizations in different cities in China. In addition, we serve as a support base for the churches and seminaries of China with religious education and training.

3. Christian Networking

  • We support various churches and seminaries in promoting theological education with information technology. For example, we help churches hold evangelical and/or revival meetings through the real time broadcasting.
  • NYTEC also utilizes telecommunications to help churches, seminaries, and organizations fully use their resources.

4. Christian Community Service

  • The Ministry of the Golden Agers was established in 1993 for seniors who are 55 years old and over. We have regular meetings and activities on Wednesdays. NYTEC has become their home away from home. We also reach out to many nonbelievers through these activities.
  • The Ministry of Wisdom Land for Children is a project to introduce young children to the Lord. Children of the community can join our summer camp and after-school programs. Both parents and children can have opportunity to experience God’s love and care.