Our purpose is to magnify the great commission that our Lord Jesus entrusted us. NYTEC is a non-denominational institute that provides systematic theological education to Christian learners with different backgrounds and equips them with the tools to spread the Gospel and increase the growth of churches. To keep the balance of learning the theory and practice of the bible, NYTEC encourages the spiritual growth of students as well as theological knowledge.

To face the challenges within the church in the 21st century, the slogan of NYTEC is “Stride towards the education of the century and apply methods of felicitously learning for this era.”

We support the following God-given vision to the world:

  1. Theological education through updated technology.
    The most prominent feature of this era is an explosion of technology. It has enabled interpersonal communication by breaking through the barriers of time and space. NYTEC fully uses this technological development to advance the study of theology and free people from political, social, economic and physical constraints. Chinese individuals in every corner of the world, including those who are in active service of churches, can participate in our online programs.
  2. Renewal of a theological foundation in Chinese churches and preservation of traditions and biblical faith in the Church.
    The church is the lamp to Jesus Christ that shines in the darkness of this iniquitous world. As such, it constantly needs to renew itself to respond changing times. We strongly believe that this task should not depart from the past and the traditions of the church. We must set our efforts on maintaining the essence of our traditions, so that we do not stray to the wrong path. The purpose of NYTEC is reviving the theological spirit of Chinese churches while simultaneously preserving church traditions and biblical faith.
  3. Develop theological education of Christians through cooperating and cooperate with other institutions.
    NYTEC recognizes Jesus Christ who is the head of the church. Regardless of differences among other denominations and institutions, NYTEC is willing to work with each church and institution with an affirmative biblical faith. NYTEC believes that the effective development of theological education will contribute to furthering God’s Kingdom on earth.